Watch This Yale Professor Explain ‘Free Speech’ To Protesting Students Who Won’t Even Listen To Him

It’s a very weird day at two major institutions of higher education around the country: The University Of Missouri, where the president resigned after pressure from the student body over race-related incidents and Yale University, where there’s a fight over free speech related to Halloween costumes and who is offended by what. The Atlantic did a really good job summarizing the situation in New Haven, including a protest last week that has now gone viral.

For the sake of brevity, I’ll leave the TL;DR to The Atlantic or, even better, the Yale Daily News. Just watch the two videos where Yale professor Nicolas Christakis talks rather intelligently about free speech, yet is met with the following response from protesting students.


These people are offended by the idea of free speech, which makes me weep for the level of discourse in this country — On both sides of whatever agenda/political spectrum. Logic, rational thought, and basic manners that *actually* influence real social change are thrown out the window in favor of:


*deep breath*


I’m seriously impressed by this man’s ability to talk to an angry mob with pitchforks, asking for his head. We need more levelheaded people in the world.

And here’s an even more disturbing video from last week:

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