Today’s 50 Best Viral Tweets And Funny Memes

This roundup of the best new memes and funniest tweets was curated by yours truly to encompass the latest funny (and must-see) content on the Internet.

Countless hours every day are spent scouring the depths of the Internet for the funniest memes and viral tweets. Each day I publish a new ‘daily pic dump‘, as some call it, of the ‘best damn photos‘ on the Internet. Usually, there are 50 photos but sometimes there are more.

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Yeah, we did:

Today’s 50 Best Viral Tweets And Funny Memes

Well, well well…

We need to go back.

Been a minute since I played pool…

Are we sure that’s the best place to park?

‘Seat’s taken’ also works.

Say what now?

Not gonna do it. You can’t make me.

I took a class in college where we had to use Latin and Greek elements to create a new word. It’s a shame I haven’ been able to name a boat yet, I’ve got so many ideas.

Summer vibes:

Modern problems, modern solutions.

Somebody did not think this through.

Definitely into Weezer.

Welcome to adulthood. Everything hurts.

Every. Single. Day.

Easter food never disappoints.

Pizza parties are pretty great though, aren’t they?

This would be an incredible premise for a cooking show though.

Everybody knows a family who exclusively vacations there…

Why aren’t we hanging out at the McDonald’s castle more?

What a weird time for interior design.

Whatever is going on here, I’m into it.

It’s that bad.

Huge if true.

Took me a second to realize these were toilets.

Is this true, ladies?

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who is a donut traditionalist. Miss me with all the colors and toppings.

Gotta click a few times or they won’t work.

Gotta zero out those notifications.

This would be a game-changer.

At least someone’s laughing.

Those colors!

Sounds about right.

Looks like a cold fishing trip but worth it.

It had such a distinct smell.

Beast of a redfish right here:

It’s that time of year:

The kingfish are showing up in FL again. You love to see it.

Just a lifetime of liking each other’s IG or FB posts.

Seems about right.

Nope, just a person holding a sea urchin.

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