50 Cent Shared His Thoughts On Lil Wayne’s Breakup And Touted Weezy’s Clout

50 Cent Says Cancel Culture's 'Biggest Target Is Heterosexual Men'

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50 Cent took to Twitter on Tuesday night to weigh in on Lil Wayne’s breakup. TMZ first reported that Weezy’s relationship with Denise Bidot was coming to an end as a result of the New Orleans rapper’s meeting with President Donald Trump last week.

Per the report, Wayne’s support of the President ahead of Tuesday’s election was the problem, and the meeting was the last straw for Bidot. The couple became Instagram official over the summer, and Bidot has since deleted her Instagram account on Tuesday, but Wayne has not removed any photos of his ex.

After the split was rumored, 50 Cent shared his thoughts online, saying that breaking up with “Little” Wayne is a bad move because he is able to move on without worrying about having to enter the dating field. Fif has also previously shared his support for the President in this month’s election.

Neither Lil Wayne nor Bidot have commented publicly on the breakup, but Mr. Carter posted a tweet on Wednesday that may have alluded to the split.

Wayne is back on the market and 50 Cent doesn’t believe it will be long before he rebounds. The 38-year-old Fireman was married to his high school sweetheart Toya Johnson from 2004-2006 and has since been rumored to date a variety of different celebrities. He has four children with four of his prior lovers and most recently dated Bidot.