This 50-Foot-Wide Spiral Shaped Creature Feeding 2,000 Feet Deep Is Totally Not An Alien, You Guys

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This is 100% not an alien, you guys. Definitely not. To insist that this is an alien would be outlandish. 2020 is already weird enough so let’s just get this alien shit out of our heads right now, cool?

This spiral-shaped freak of a creature measures 50-feet across and was filmed during an expedition to the Ningaloo Canyons off Australia’s west coast which is WILD to me that there are expeditions going on right now to impossible-to-reach places while most of the world are stuck in tiny ass apartments. Anyway, this creature is 2,000-feet below the surface of the ocean AND it’s FEEDING according to the scientists.

This creature is actually made up by a ton of different smaller creatures, according to Gizmodo:

The Schmidt Ocean Institute recently shared a video on Twitter of this impressive siphonophore, a compound organism in the Cnidaria phylum (a grouping that includes jellyfish and sea anemone). At 50 feet across, this spiral-shaped specimen could be the largest of its kind. Scientists observed it as part of an ongoing expedition to the Ningaloo Canyons off Australia’s west coast. (via)

Look at this feeding death spiral in action:

Scientist Rebecca Helm went on a long Twitter thread explaining what exactly is going on here so buckle up:

Am I crazy or is it just refreshing as hell to read about something that isn’t all apocalyptic? Sure, we might be talking about a possibly-alien death spiral here feeding en masse at the bottom of the ocean.

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