Hundreds Of Pounds Of Cooked Pasta Mysteriously Dumped In NJ Forest Leads To Questions

large mound of pasta

iStockphoto / SeventyFour

Hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta were found after it was dumped in a forest in New Jersey, causing many folks to ask questions.

The one thing that doesn’t come as a shock is that this mystery happened in New Jersey. If there is any state in America where hundreds of pounds of cooked pasta are most likely to appear in a forest, it’s is the Garden State.

Alas, as pictures of the massive mound of cooked pasta made the rounds on social media people began to wonder what led to this occurrence. Personally, I hope it’s aliens because there simply isn’t a funnier prank that aliens could play on the state of New Jersey.

According to Emily Bloch of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the pictures first hit Facebook on April 28th when posted to the Old Bridge New Jersey group by Nina Jochnowitz. She later wrote that all of the cooked pasta “has been cleared and cleaned by the crew and employees of old bridge.”

According to Nina’s Facebook post about the cleanup, the rapid cleanup crews estimated there was more than 500 pounds of cooked pasta “dumped adjacent to the streams intersecting with Hilliard and Mimi” in Old Bridge, NJ.

There was spaghetti, macaroni, and other types of pasta all sitting there next to the river bed. Left unchecked, this would have created a disaster with animals coming from all around for a rotting pasta meal.

Once the pics hit Twitter, people expressed confusion about the mystery pasta.

*motions a square with my hands* ‘just a small to-go back for me, please.’

People are asking questions:

2.5 servings in NJ:

What happened to all the mystery New Jersey pasta?

According to Bloch’s article in the Inquirer, there are still no suspects. The pasta dumpers mysteriously disappeared.

They also made a point of saying that the pasta was, in fact, cooked. It wasn’t just wet. Many people pointed out that the pasta looked wet and not cooked but those people weren’t there in the trenches cleaning up 500+ pounds of cooked pasta.

I’m not saying it was aliens playing a New Jersey pasta trick but if it was, it’s a perfect prank…