A Spinoff Set In ‘A Quiet Place’ Universe In The Works With An Awesome Director In Charge


A Quiet Place is now being turned into a full-fledged franchise, as the John Krasinski-helmed horror franchise is handing the keys to the quiet kingdom over to Mud director Jeff Nichols.

According to reports, the project is set to be a spinoff in the universe of A Quiet Place and is based on an original idea from Krasinski himself.

They are keeping details of the new plot under wraps, but I would not be surprised if this was not a straight sequel, but rather broadened the world that the original introduced, plopping viewers in a post-apocalyptic world where survivors are struggling to stay alive by being quiet, as monsters with ultra sensitive hearing hunt them. The movie progressed so quickly you barely had time to ask how the world got that way, and whether the creatures might be defeated. So there’s plenty of room creatively to stretch this out. [via Deadline]

A Quiet Place is effectively a zombie story so Paramount choosing to expand the property into a franchise is certainly understandable, given the success of ever-expanding zombie franchises such as The Walking Dead. Plus, Paramount isn’t necessarily home to many tentpole franchises, making A Quiet Place — one of their bigger success stories in years — the obvious target for expansion.

Nichols is an excellent choice to take over the franchise, as the director has yet to make a bad project yet, as his filmography includes Take Shelter, Mud, Midnight Special, and Loving.

At this time, A Quiet Place Part II — which was originally scheduled to drop all the way back in March — is set to hit theaters on April 23, 2021. As for this new spinoff, that’s currently penciled into a 2022 release.

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