‘Mighty Ducks’ Star Aaron Schwartz Discusses Life As A Kid Actor And Going From Fat To Fit

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Heavyweights / Aaron Schwartz

On this episode of “We Run This,” we’re talking to actor and athlete, Aaron Schwartz.

Aaron Schwartz probably looks familiar to people of a certain age because, at one point in the 1990s, Aaron made a career out of playing the lovable, chubby kid in blockbuster movies like The Mighty Ducks and Heavyweights, and on TV shows like The Adventures of Pete & Pete.


Schwartz continues to act but has undergone quite the transformation, going from fat to fit over the course of his adolescent and adult years.

Aaron is now using his personal experiences to help motivate others who might struggle with some of the issues he did as a kid.


In this candid interview, Aaron talks about getting roles because of being overweight, struggling with his weight at an early age, the day he decided to take his health seriously, his training tips, and Aaron even makes an announcement about his next physical challenge.

So let’s jump right into the conversation and meet Aaron Schwartz.


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