Nick Saban’s Bonkers $94 Million Contract Has Everyone Who Isn’t An Alabama Fan Shaking In Their Boots

Nick Saban’s $94 Million Contract Has Non-Alabama Fans Shaking Mad

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Turns out, the Alabama Crimson Tide is going to be dominating the college football landscape for a long time. After already winning six titles, Nick Saban has signed a massive eight-year contract worth nearly $94 million. It’s an insane deal that keeps Saban as the highest-paid college football coach in the nation.

Nick Saban Signs $94 Million Contract With Alabama

Brett McMurphy broke the news after Nick Saban secured the bag. There is a crazy amount of money floating around the college football world right now. Between the coaches receiving huge contracts and athletes taking advantage of the NIL deals, college sports are reeling in the dough.

Everyone Who Isn’t An Alabama Fan Is Shaking In Their Boots

Of course, Alabama fans are loving this recent transaction. This new contract keeps Nick Saban as the head coach beyond the year 2030. The Crimson Tide is going to remain a powerhouse in football for years to come. For that reason, college football fans of other schools aren’t too happy about Saban’s new deal.

Yeah. It’s essentially game over for the rest of college football. Alabama is going nowhere for at least the next eight years assuming Nick Saban fulfills the entire contract. Look for the Crimson Tide to be at the top of the rankings for years as Saban’s ruling continues.

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