‘Fresh Prince’ Star Alfonso Ribiero Suing Epic Games For Stealing His ‘Carlton Dance’ And Selling It In ‘Fortnite’

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For months rappers have complained about Epic Games ripping off their dance moves and selling them within the insanely popular ‘Fortnite’ video game.

It seems like rappers and entertainers are starting to fight back against Epic games ripping off their dance moves.

Last month 2milly and his reps announced that they were suing Epic over its alleged misappropriation, use, and sale of his “Milly Rock” dance in its popular battle royale game “Fortnite.”

‘Fresh Prince’ star Alfonso Ribeiro has now followed in 2 Milly’s footsteps and is suing the gaming company for ripping off his ‘Carlton dance’.


Alfonso Ribeiro is the latest celeb who’s got beef with Fortnite’s pop culture-influenced dances — and now he’s suing the creators of the game for jacking his own.

The former ‘Fresh Prince’ star just filed suit against Epic Games — which developed the crazy popular multi-player game — claiming the company completely ripped off the famous dance his character, Carlton Banks, did on the show throughout the series.

i’m not entirely sure if they will win their lawsuits but it does feel scummy on Epic Games’ part to use these dances and not pay the creators anything.

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