Alligator Sinks Remote Controlled Boat Like A Mythical Sea Creature Sinking A Ship

Alligator Sinks Remote Controlled Boat Like A Mythical Sea Creature Sinking A Ship

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  • An alligator took down a remote controlled boat in Florida after the RC toy got too close for comfort
  • NHRA driver Alex Laughlin was in Gainesville, Florida for the Gatornationals race when the encounter occurred
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Don’t mess with an alligator. It’s such a simple concept. Leave them be and we can all peacefully coexist. But if you try and feed the alligators, get too close, or bother them with remote-controlled boats then there will be problems.

Case in point, this guy drove his RC Boat under a fence and into a pond where the remote-controlled toy got too close to an alligator. The gator was having none of his shenanigans and put the boat to sleep with the quickness. And while this is on a micro-scale, it’s reminiscent of a mythological sea monster sinking a ship.

Alligator Sinks Remote Controlled Boat

This went down earlier this month in Gainesville, Florida, home of the Florida Gators. Coincidentally, it was a racecar driver (Alex Laughlin) who was driving the RC boat and he was in Gainesville for the Gatornationals race.

Here’s what NHRA driver Alex Laughlin’s Facebook caption (above) said, if that didn’t load for you:

Alex Laughlin: “ONE OF THE CRAZIEST EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE!!! It’s a Friday rainout here at the Gatornationals and my trip to Wally-World for the RC boats and rain boots made the day! There’s about a 5-6ft GATOR in the water beside our pit area where I was driving my sweet new ride.

Well… Mr. Gator decided to cruise over and EAT MY BOAT!!! It snagged it, looked me dead in the eye, and slowly lowered itself like a submarine, then about 10 seconds later the boat porpoised back to the surface! I drove the boat back to the shoreline and it’s good to go!!!”

Alligators have been known to go after RC boats if they get too close. A quick dive into the YouTube vault pulls up all sorts of videos of alligators going after these remote-controlled toys. Here are some popular clips from years past:


Never Forget The Most Famous RC Boat x Gator Video Of All Time

Remember when YouTube used to be like 33% prank videos? This video from yesteryear shows a preserved alligator skull affixed to an RC boat. They then use it as a prank to roll up on people and scare them.

If it wasn’t already clear then let me spell it out for you: don’t drive your RC boat too close to alligators. If you do, you run the risk of losing that boat forever.