If You’ve Never Seen An American Bald Eagle Swim Before Then You Need To See This ASAP

American Bald Eagle

iStockphoto / StefanoVenturi

Until a few years ago, it had never even occurred to me that American Bald Eagles could swim. One of my cousins shared a video of a Bald Eagle swimming to shore that he filmed up in The Adirondacks and he was able to get pretty close because he was in a kayak when he spotted the eagle.

It’s nuts. They swim like Michael Phelps with that crazy ass wingspan. They throw their broad wings out in a motion that looks very similar to what we know was the Breast Stroke.

It turns out that most of the population has either never seen an American Bald Eagle swim before nor have they considered that these eagles are capable of swimming. A clip shared on Twitter filmed at New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee shows a Bald Eagle swimming all out to the shore and people’s minds are blown.

Here’s the clip with reactions below:

Here’s another random clip of a Bald Eagle swimming so you know this isn’t’ an isolated incident:

People’s mind holes are blown and rightfully so. A Bald Eagle swimming is a very unsettling sight to behold.

I guess, based on this tweet, we’re led to believe that swimming Bald Eagles will be a commonplace sight of the future once this population EXPLODES in the future and Bald Eagles outnumber people:

Here’s another clip of a Bald Eagle catching a fish and swimming it to shore:

I hope you’re all as blown away by the way these birds swim as I am. I mean, it makes perfect sense that they’d swim this way but I’m still shocked they don’t just flap their wings and fly out of the water like every other bird I’ve seen land in the water and I live on the water in Florida which means I see this shit literally all day long.

I live a quarter of a mile away from an Audobon Bird Sanctuary which means the lake in my backyard is swarmed with birds. I watch Ospreys fishing every day and never have I seen one of them get stuck in the water and have to swim to shore.