Study: Americans Hate The Way Their Coworkers Talk, And These Are 40 Most Despised Phrases

by 11 months ago
Americans Hate Way Coworkers Talk Study


Ever caught yourself “giving it 110%” or “thinking outside the box?” If so, you very well could be making your co-workers cringe.

New research suggests that seven in 10 American workers are guilty of using many of the most annoying and cringeworthy phrases at the office – with “give 110 percent” being the leading offender.

The study, conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Jive Communications, looked at the communication behaviors of 2,000 American workers and compiled the 40 most cringeworthy office phrases. And if you have ever “hammered it out,” or “thought outside the box,” then you probably had many a co-worker roll their eyes after having a conversation with you.

Americans Hate Way Coworkers Talk Study

Jive Communications

Have you ever been at the office and stumbled into a conversation between two co-workers? Then you’ve probably heard some utterly cringeworthy phrases like “let’s ballpark this” and “run this up the flagpole.”

What about “synergy?” Ranked at number 13 on the list, this is a phrase that many people at the office say they can’t stand.

And while we’ve all gone “back to the drawing board,” 27 percent of American workers can’t help but shut down and stop listening when anyone feels the need to use such cringe-inspiring phrases at the office.

We’ve all been there. Whether we were the ones cringing and rolling our eyes or actually using these phrases and that’s because, according to 72 percent of American workers, these annoying words and phrases are mostly just used out of habit.

Americans Hate Way Coworkers Talk Study

Jive Communications

However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t token office jokesters who use cringe-worthy phrases at work to test their coworkers. In fact, 29 percent of workers use these phrases for this exact reason and 22 percent use them for assimilation purposes.