Survey Of 2,000 Car Owners Reveals Most Americans Don’t Know Jack Squat About Their Cars

by 5 months ago
Americans Know Very Little About Cars Study


If you’re inclined to compare your car to a ball and chain, you’re not alone, as one in four drivers feels burdened by their car, new research reveals.

A study of 2,000 American car owners found as many as a quarter feels they take a risk each time they hit the road as their vehicle is currently in need of repair or no longer runs well.

The study asked people to reflect on the current state of their vehicle and tested people’s knowledge on car basics. Results showed an alarming number of drivers are rolling the dice on vehicles in need of work — 68 percent of cars currently have at least one thing wrong with them, according to the data.

And with so many vehicles in need of some TLC, Americans could stand to do a bit of brushing up on how to take care of their cars a little better — 36 percent of those studied said they don’t know the first thing about fixing a flat tire.

The new survey, conducted by Cooper Tires, discovered that nearly half of American car owners aren’t confident they’d be able to change their car’s oil and almost 30 percent aren’t confident they could even pick out the correct oil their car needs in the first place.

One in four Americans also aren’t confident they could jump start a car should the situation arise. Even using an air pressure gauge on a tire to check tire pressure can prove to be too advanced a task for nearly one in five Americans.

Americans Know Very Little About Cars Study



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