Amy Schumer Dragged For Claiming She’s ‘Triggered And Traumatized’ By Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

Amy Schumer Dragged For Saying Shes Traumatized By Will Smith Slap

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  • Oscars co-host Amy Schumer says she is still “triggered and traumatized” two days after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.
  • Schumer was so traumatized that she made jokes about the infamous slap immediately after it happened on the show.
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On Tuesday, Jim Carrey called out Hollywood for being “spineless” for giving Will Smith an ovation for winning after he assaulted Chris Rock on stage at the Oscars.

Late Tuesday night, one of the hosts of this year’s Academy Awards, “comedian” Amy Schumer was reinforcing Carrey’s statement with a statement of her own on social media addressing the Will Smith slap.

“I think we can all agree that the best way to unpack what happened is to stream my series @lifeandbethhulu and see me on tour this fall,” Schumer joked, I think. “But for real. Still triggered and traumatized.”

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“I love my friend @chrisrock and believe he handled it like a pro,” Schumer continued. “Stayed up there and gave an Oscar to his friend @questlove and the whole thing was so disturbing.

“So much pain in @willsmith anyway I’m still in shock and stunned and sad. Im [sic] proud of myself and my cohosts. But yeah. Waiting for this sickening feeling to go away from what we all witnessed.”

Amy Schumer joked about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the show right after it happened

Schumer was apparently to hide her “trauma” very well Sunday night when she joked after the attack, “I’ve been getting out of the Spider-Man costume. Did I miss anything? There’s, like, a different vibe in here. Probably not. Well, anyway!” then proceeded to call Best Supporting Actress nominee Kirsten Dunst a “seat filler.”

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Needless to say, Schumer immediately began getting dragged on the internet for claiming to still be “triggered and traumatized” and “still in shock and stunned” two full days since Will Smith smacked Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars.

UPDATE: Apparently Wanda Sykes was also “traumatized” by the slap.

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