Meet Andy Anderson, A Photographer Specializing In Fly Fishing And Hunting, A Man Living The Dream

Andy Anderson photographer Orvis

The Orvis Company / YouTube

Have you ever found yourself watching TV, reading a book, or in a movie when you the protagonist’s character makes you realize that you’ve somehow wandered down the wrong path in life? That’s where I’m at right now after watching this mini-doc from Orvis and Yeti about Andy Anderson. Andy started out his adult life as a journalism major before pivoting to a career as a professional photographer.

Andy Anderson’s now a world-renowned photographer who specializes in ‘Outdoors’ style photography which includes pursuits such as fly fishing and wingshooting. It just so happens that these are some of my favorite pastimes.

Andy, for all intents and purposes, is living the dream. Here’s a man who has found a way to make a living while doing exactly what he loves. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing 10+ articles every single day for you bros, it’s a great job. But I would MUCH rather be outside all day catching fish.

Yeti Presents‘ has been an incredible video series with Yeti Coolers focusing on some of the most intriguing individuals in America. It’s pretty cool to see this video because it’s a collaboration between Yeti and The Orvis Company. If you’re not familiar with Orvis it’s because you’ve probably never been fly fishing before. If you have been fly fishing, then you know that name as the #1 brand in the sport of fly fishing. I received my first Orvis fly fishing rod all the way back in 3rd grade, and I’ve been a lifelong fan. So it’s cool to see them putting out a mini-doc like this in 2017 and pop back up on my radar in ways I didn’t expect.