This Baked Apple And Salted Caramel Gin Is The Only Thing I Will Be Drinking This Summer

Apple Salted Caramel Gin Poetic License

Poetice License/Amazon

This new Baked Apple and Salted Caramel Gin by Poetic License distillery might be the perfect summer drink. I mean, c’mon, it’s like a freaking salted caramel apple you can sip!

“A tempting aroma of spiced apple lures you in. The drink first delivers flavours of sweet, cooked apple backed up by warming cinnamon which complements the spiciness of the Old Tom Gin. Further sweetness then comes through from the seasoned caramel which lingers to leave lasting flavours of caramelised apple.”

Sounds good, right? By the way, all those words are misspelled because this sweet gin liqueur is made in Britain, but thankfully, it does ship to the good ole U.S. of A.

The folks over at Foodiful tried this Baked Apple and Salted Caramel Gin out (I want that job) and here’s how they described it.

Hide your gin bottles, they’re about to get jealous! The masters of flavoured gin, Poetic License, have released the perfect sweet and salty combination that will tantalise your tastebuds.

The newest addition, Baked Apple and Salted Caramel gin liqueur, gives off a tempting aroma of spiced apples, while filling your mouth with the sweet, sweet flavours of a cooked apple, topped with warming cinnamon. The perfect way to complement Old Tom Gin, in our opinion.

But, that’s not all! This British-made drink leaves the lasting flavours of (salted) caramelised apple in your mouth. Yum!

Yum, indeed.

Poetic License also makes numerous other gin-based liqueurs including a blackberries and bay leaf gin, gin with both ginger and blackcurrant, a gin-based Sarsaparilla liqueur, an espresso gin, and a fruity gin based with the flavors of orange blossom.

I think I love these people.

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