UFC’s Arianny Celeste And Brittney Palmer Cause Stir While Dancing At Drake Concert In Revealing Outfits

Arianny Celeste Brittney Palmer

Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Image

UFC just got a whole lot more glamorous, and it’s not because someone did a perfect roundhouse kick in high heels.

The dynamic duo of Octagon Girls, Arianny Celeste and Brittney Palmer, decided to take a little detour from their usual cage-side duties and venture into the world of hip-shaking and head-bobbing, all at the ever-energetic Drake’s concert.

These ladies have more ‘Ring Girl of the Year’ awards than most of us have pairs of socks. If you thought they were just pretty faces, think again. Arianny and Brittney have graced some of the most epic UFC events in history, and they’ve done it with style, grace, and a lot of pizzazz.

These Instagram sensations have a combined following that could populate a small country. Okay, maybe not a country, but definitely a lively village, with a combined following of over 5 million.

Back to the Drake concert incident. These two decided to take their talents to the music world, and let’s just say they turned up the heat.

They posted a video of themselves dancing, along with a third friend, and all three of them were rocking some seriously revealing outfits. Arianny, always one for the perfect caption, wrote, “Non-stop! 😎 Drake Concert.”


But that’s not all that’s been causing a stir in the world of Arianny Celeste.

Celeste recently went viral for covering herself with a single flower in a picture that had the internet collectively raising an eyebrow.

And if you thought the flower incident was the peak of her sartorial adventures, think again. She’s been spotted showcasing a Barbie-colored pink bathing suit that probably had Ken reevaluating his entire wardrobe.

Arianny also recently posted a couple of lingerie style pics, one in yellow on her bed and one in blue in her kitchen.