Netflix Drops First Trailer For Docuseries About Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold netflix documentary trailer


Get ready for the Summer of Schwarzenegger. In addition to his upcoming starring role in Netflix’s Fubar — his first-ever TV series — the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to be the subject of an upcoming three-part docuseries from the streaming giant simply titled Arnold.

Now 75 years old, Schwarzenegger’s multi-faceted career has seen the native Austrian become a world champion bodybuilder, arguably the biggest movie star in the world, and the governor of California. Now, after a life that’s surely full of stories worth telling, Arnold is getting the docuseries treatment,

Check out the full official trailer for Arnold below.

Here is the official synopsis for Arnold, courtesy of Netflix:

This three part documentary series chronicles never before seen footage & stories of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s journey from rural Austria to the highest echelons of the American dream.

In the series, there’s unprecedented access to the most candid interviews from Schwarzenegger, his friends, foes, co-stars and observers. We see many talk about his days pumping iron to his triumphs in Hollywood, all the way to his time governing the state of California. The joys and the turbulence of his family life are unveiled in a tale that matches his larger-than-life persona.

During his acting career, Schwarzenegger became an iconic action star who dominated the 1980s and 1990s thanks to films such as Conan the Barbarian, The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Commando, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Predator, True Lies, Total Recall, Jingle All the Way, and many more. Over the course of his decades-long career, Schwarzenegger’s films have grossed over $4 billion at the global box office.

Most recently, Schwarzenegger reprised perhaps his most iconic role as T-800, a.k.a the Terminator, in Terminator: Dark Fate and played the character of The President in Kung Fury 2, which is set to release sometime this year.

Arnold will hit Netflix on June 6, while Fubar — which also stars Monica Barbaro, Jay Baruchel, Gabriel Luna, and more — will premiere on May 25.

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