Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks About His Past PED Use, Shares His Current Workout Routine

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From 1970 to 1980, Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr. Olympia bodybuilding event a whopping seven times, including six years in a row. He also won the Mr. Universe title five times. He also won the Junior Mr. Europe contest in 1965 and the 1966 Mr. Europe title.

Around that same time, Schwarzenegger started his career in movies, beginning with his big screen debut in the title role of the 1970 film Hercules in New York. During the movie, he used the stage name Arnold Strong and his accent was so hard to understand that all of his lines were dubbed after shooting of the film was complete.

Fast forward to 2023 and the now 75-year-old Schwarzenegger has been the lead actor in over 30 films which have raked in over $4.1 billion.

His latest acting role comes in his first-ever TV series, a show titled Fubar that debuts on Netflix on May 25th.

As part of the promotion of the new Netflix series, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke with Men’s Health about a wide variety of topics including his Mr. Olympia-era use of PEDs and what his workout routine now looks like as a septuagenarian.

In the interview, Arnold reveals that his PEDs of choice back in the day were testosterone and Dianabol, or D-Bol.

“One hundred milligrams a week and then three Dianabol a day, so that was 15 milligrams,” he admitted.

Of course, back then, steroids weren’t illegal. It wasn’t until the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990 that they were actually outlawed in the United States.

He added that in his bodybuilding days he only took the PEDs under a doctors’ supervision, which obviously can’t be done today.

“Bodybuilding always, always was considered a safe sport,” he said. “But now, it’s not. Now people are dying. They’re dying because of overdoses of drugs, and they don’t know what the f*** they’re doing. And they’re listening to charlatans. If I want to go and get medical advice from a legitimate doctor, I go to UCLA, or I go to the Cleveland Clinic.”

Naturally, he now advises against the use of PEDs, all while recognizing “the fact that, who am I to say this? This is the guy who climbed without a rope.”

What is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout routine now that he is 75-years-old?

Despite being three-quarters of a century old, Arnold Schwarzenegger still looks like he can lift a truck with one hand.

How does he do it?

For that answer, Men’s Health followed him to Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California.

While there, he shared, “The only reason why someone doesn’t want to go to the gym when they get up is because they were thinking. That’s the biggest mistake you can make. I don’t think. I feed my animals in the morning and immediately after I’m finished with that get on the bicycle and bicycle down here. And then after when it’s all finished, now then I go and have my breakfast that’s when I can start thinking.”

He also said that these days “it’s not about working out with the heaviest weights; I’m just trying to move as fast as I can from one exercise to the next.”

Those exercises now include machine preacher curls and machine dips for his arms; overhead presses, machine lateral raises and machine rear delt flies for his shoulders.

Watch as he talks about his workout regimen a little bit in the video below (Peter Dinklage makes a brief cameo).

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