A-Rod Can’t Stop Laughing During ‘SNL’ Skit Debating Charles Barkley On What’s The Toughest Sport

by 8 months ago

Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time last night, but he wasn’t the only retired sports legend to appear on the sketch comedy TV show. Alex Rodriguez joined Sir Charles and fake retired legendary Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker DC Timmons portrayed by Kenan Thompson on SNL in a comical debate on which sport is the toughest.

Barkley represented the NBA and pointed out that players in the Association are running constantly for 30 minutes a game. A-Rod’s argument was that MLB players have a grueling schedule and can play in up to 200 games in 230 days. Unfortunately for A-Rod, he wasn’t the best debater since he couldn’t stop laughing during the SNL skit. Then there was DC Timmons who justified the NFL being the toughest sport by showing signs of taking too many hits to the head.

Despite only playing in nine games, Timmons seems to have suffered many concussions during his football playing days. Timmons doesn’t articulate his points very well since he calls everyone “Greg,” tries to grab imaginary floating objects, and attempts to order fast food on several occasions during the sports talk show. In the end, A-Rod and Barkley concede that football is a tougher sport to play than baseball and basketball because they both still have their minds that aren’t destroyed by CTE.

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