Two Guys Were Arrested In A Truck Filled With 420 Pounds Of Marijuana; Think They Did That On Purpose?

Two Guys Arrested In Truck Filled With 420 Pounds Of Marijuana


State troopers in Connecticut pulled over a U-Haul rental truck cruising down I-95 in Darien for a traffic violation a few days ago. Much to their surprise, the truck ended up being loaded with illegal marijuana. 420 pounds of it. 420. We can’t make this stuff up, folks.

The trooper who stopped the truck reportedly noticed an odor when he approached the vehicle, prompting him to call in the narcotics task force and the K9 Unit with their drug sniffing dogs, leading to the arrest of the driver and his passenger.

“When something didn’t smell right, the big dogs were called in,” the Connecticut State Police wrote on Twitter.

Look at what good boys and/or girls they are!

Come for the ironic 420 weed news, stay for the adorable pups who busted them, am I right?

The two men who were transporting the illegal weed in the rental truck, 27-year-old Kevin Conrado and 23-year-old Vahe Manjikian, both from Los Angeles, were arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and possession of more than a kilo of marijuana with intent to sell.

Naturally, there was a whole slew of people who considered the entire situation a giant waste of time and complained about taxpayer money being wasted because of course they did.

I know, right?!

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