ASAP Rocky’s Swedish Lawyer Shot In The Head In Stockholm

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According to reports, Swedish lawyer Henrik Olssen Lilja, who represented New York City rapper ASAP Rocky in his recent assault case, was shot multiple times in Stockholm on Friday, September 6.

In a report from Forbes, Swedish authorities confirmed that Lilja — a prominent Swedish lawyer — was shot in the head and chest on Friday morning. After calling the police himself, emergency services arrived at the scene around 8:59 a.m. local time before taking Lilja to a local hospital. While Lilja was conscious when he contacted authorities, his current condition is unknown.

At this time, Swedish police are treating the shooting as an “isolated incident” and have arrested “several people” for questioning.

Furthermore, Swedish newspaper Expressen reported that Stockholm police have arrested a female lawyer who was previously been banned from contacting Lilja.

 “The police have arrested several people for questioning. The investigation is at an intense stage and the police are working on several different fronts to make progress,” the Swedish Police Authority stated on their official website.

Police have yet to comment on whether or not the shooting is related to the highly-publicized ASAP Rocky trial.

In July, Rocky was arrested in Sweden on charges of aggravated assault after a video surfaced that showed him and his entourage assaulting a man on the street of Stockholm.

After being held in a Swedish prison for about a month, Rocky was eventually released on August 2 and was allowed to return to the United States. He was later convicted of assault and given a suspended prison sentence in addition to having to pay damages to the victim.


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