ASAP Rocky’s Alleged Sex Tape Leaks Online And The Internet Roasts Him Hard

ASAP Rocky alleged sex tape released and Twitter had jokes about his stroke game.

Getty Image / Michael Campanella / Contributor

ASAP Rocky’s alleged sex tape has been leaked online, and Twitter savaged him for his weak stroke game. So now ASAP Rocky has f*ckin’ problems because everyone on the internet thinks he has f*ckin’ problems.

A man who looks much like A$AP Rocky and has all of the Harlem rapper’s signature tattoos, including his “ASAP” abdomen piece and ink on his left hand, was spotted in an adult video on Wednesday night. The sex tape was uploaded to an adult video website under the title β€œRock Hard BBC Destroys Paig,” and many believe it is leaked video of A$AP Rocky, born Rakim Mayers. The rapper has yet to deny or confirm the allegations of his leaked sex tape.

ASAP Rocky, who is adored by female hip-hop fans, have voiced their disappointment with the Babushka Boi rapper over his stroke game in the alleged footage. Meanwhile, dudes were celebrating because their stroke game was far superior to ASAP Rocky. Twitter roasted ASAP Rocky without any reservation on Thursday morning with jokes, GIFs, and memes.

ASAP got smashed harder than that young woman in the video. There’s only one way for A$AP Rocky to fix his sex tape crisis… release another one.

In October, A$AP Rocky said he has dealt with sex addiction since junior high school. “I was horny,” he told Angie Martinez on the WE TV show, Untold Stories of Hip Hop. “I ain’t even have no sperm in my testicles yet, but I literally just was horny.”

“These are things people stay away from, they don’t like to admit,” he said in the interview. “I can’t be embarrassed about it.”

In October of 2018, ASAP Rocky told Esquire that he has been having orgies since he was 13-years-old.

“My first orgy was when I was in seventh grade. 13-years-old,” Rocky said. “Yeah, I was at Booker T Washington [High School] in New York City.”

The 31-year-old Praise the Lord rapper said that he continues to have orgies to this day and even documents his sexual escapades, which is how he may have gotten to be a trending Twitter topic on Thursday.

“Yeah man, lot of orgies. I’ve photographed and documented many of them,” ASAP told Esquire. “The women that I’m around are into that free-spirited sh*t like me.”

In a January interview with GQ, said he isn’t partying after shows, he is having orgies of “foursomes, fivesomes, moresomes. All womens.” ASAP added that the best city for orgies is Toronto.