Authorities Find $87 Million Worth Of Cocaine And 2 Dead Bodies On Submarine During Seizure

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The Colombian National Navy made a shocking discovery when they seized a submarine off the coast in the Colombian Pacific last week.

When officials entered the approximately 15 meter long submarine they found a little under three tons of cocaine… and two dead bodies.

“Once the illegal device was located, outside it at the top, the military personnel found two subjects in poor health conditions, apparently inside the semi-submersible vessel there was an accident due to the generation of toxic gases from the fuel,” read a statement (as translated by Google).

“Two men were treated and transported to a ship that was in the area where they were given the relevant medical attention to safeguard their lives.

“During the inspection of the illegal device that had a large access to water, two lifeless bodies were found and recovered,” the statement continued. “The Colombian Marines, after carrying out these procedures, recovered the alkaloid that was transported inside the semi-submersible.

“Subsequently, the people rescued, the bodies and the cache were transferred to the municipality of Tumaco – Nariño, where they were brought before the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General’s Office, which determined that the alkaloid was cocaine hydrochloride.”

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The 2.91 tons of cocaine, according to Colombian authorities, is the equivalent of more than six million doses and had a value of approximately $87 million.

The shipment of cocaine was reportedly headed for Central America for distribution.

“The Colombian Navy will continue to deploy all its capabilities to counter the scourge of drug trafficking structures that commit crimes in the Colombian Pacific,” the statement concluded.

Back in 2019, a United States Coast Guardsman went viral in a similar scenario when he jumped onto a drug submarine and banged on the hatch in the middle of a chase in international waters in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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