The Internet Is Very Angry With This Supposedly ‘Average’ Budget Of A Couple Making $500K A Year

Internet Confused By Average Budget Of A Couple Making 500K A Year


The internet is very angry today. Yes, more so than usual. Today it’s because of a new CNBC article that discusses how a couple making $500,000 a year can still have a very “average” budget.

And I quote…

Sam Dogen of “Financial Samurai” breaks down the budget of two New York City-based spouses, each of whom makes $250,000 a year as a lawyer. They’re 35 years old and they have two young children. “This one couple shared their story and I decided to anonymously highlight their reported expenses,” Dogen tells CNBC Make It, with a focus on why they end up feeling “average” even though they’re such high earners.

Dogen’s definition of “little to no” money is a whole lot different than your and my definition.

That’s because, according to this CNBC article, “little to no” money equals $36,000 a year being put into your 401k, with another $7,300 left over at the end of the year.

Oh, these poor people…

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CNBC even broke down this struggling couple’s budget to show how “average” they are…

Soooo average.

They can only afford to take three vacations a year at $6,000 a pop! And their poor kids… only $12,000 a year for sports and other activities?! I don’t know why these folks haven’t given up on life yet. I mean, they only give away $18,000 a year to charity? Sad.

Note: When you add the $18K in charitable contributions (not a required expense) to the $36K in 401k contributions (also not an expense), plus the (only) $7,300 they have left each year, it would seem to me, based on my fuzzy math, that this couple in reality could have saved about $61,300 a year. Oh, the struggle!

Just look at how sorry everyone on the internet feels for them…


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