Fans Waiting On ‘Bad Boys 3’ Just Got Some Unsettling News From The Studio

Sorry bros, I would’ve gotten this news out a few minutes earlier but I’ve been arguing with a colleague of mine (I won’t say which) who claims that Bad Boys II “was garbage”. Sure, the plot to the film was wildly implausible but that 2003 masterpiece was Jerry Bruckheimer at his finest.

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Det. Mike Lowrey (Will Smith) and Det. Marcus Burnett (Martin Lawrence) returning to the big screen for Bad Boys 3 (and Bad Boys 4). The film was slated to hit theaters November 9th, 2018 but Sony has just handed down some devastating news. Bad Boys 3 has been ‘unset’, meaning it’s been pulled from that schedule entirely and is indefinitely shelved while the script gets reworked.

According to Deadline, Will Smith is still interested in the project but when a film is unset it’s hard to get that production/release schedule back because of studios like Sony planning films years and years in advance. I’m not at all stoked for this news because I’m all about that Bad Boys 4 Life mentality, and the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer was signed on as a producer of Bad Boys For Life and Bad Boys 4.

For more on this news you can head over to UNILAD and/or Deadline.