A Bad Lip Reading Of ‘Stranger Things’ Is 18 Minutes Of Nostalgic Awesomeness

What happens when A Bad Lip Reading collides with Stranger Things? Nostalgic awesomeness that’s what happens. The fine folks at A Bad Lip Reading didn’t skip on their Stranger Things episode and it is absolutely tremendous. Only A Bad Lip Reading could make Winona Ryder’s character Joyce Byers even more zanier than usual talking about jazz songs titled “There Was A Weiner on the Buffet” and “Ice God of Hungary” with lyrics discussing “frightened nipples.”

Mike Wheeler attempts to help Eleven increase her vocabulary and soon enough she was talking about bongos, potatoes, goat balls, French cocaine, and ricin. Finally, she was able to construct a full sentence: “Will you bleed on my butter?” Maybe this whole talking thing is overrated. Steve Harrington, who goes blank on occasion, and Nancy Wheeler have a naughty discussion about her “messy” feet and his “messy,” yet “wet” tongue. All set in an 80s-like sitcom, the Bad Lip Reading of Stranger Things is wacky and entertaining. Also, please wash your fingers.