TV Fans Call For Bill Hader To Take Over ‘SNL’ And Direct Prestige Dramas After ‘Barry’ Turns Into ‘Breaking Bad’ In Its Third Season

TV Fans Shower Bill Hader In Praise Following S3 Finale Of 'Barry'


  • The third season of HBO’s hit series Barry came to a close on Sunday night.
  • The series, largely written and directed by star Bill Hader, has a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Hader is now deservingly being showered in praise from television and movie fans alike.

Editor’s Note: This article will contain spoilers for the entire third season of HBO’s Barry.

When Barry first premiered on HBO back in 2018, many television fans expect the new Bill Hader project to be similar to his unflinchingly hilarious work in the past: Saturday Night Live, South Park, Superbad, and so on and so forth. After all, with a basic premise of a hitman trying to become an actor, the comedy was built into the synopsis, was it not?

What the show was and ultimately is, though, is far different from that original perception, as the third season of the now-revered HBO dramedy just wrapped up a stunning and unrelentingly bleak third season that genuinely reminded me of an inverse version of Breaking Bad.

My adoration of Barry‘s third season, and its finale in particular, is certainly not an isolated incident as praise for Bill Hader has been pouring in from all corners of the pop culture world.

Television fans are blown away by Bill Hader’s work in the season three finale of Barry

Luckily for fans of Barry, the series was already renewed for a fourth season ahead of Sunday night’s finale, meaning the episode’s incredible cliffhanger ending will certainly be answered.

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