Huge Bear Helps Itself To A Dozens Of Cupcakes After Infiltrating Bakery (Video)

black bear


Anyone who’s lived in or visited an area with a sizeable bear population knows it’s wise to take a few extra steps to make sure you don’t attract the animals that have a habit of rummaging through trash and even breaking into homes in search of some food.

Bears usually don’t discriminate when it comes to the stuff they’ll devour, but as anyone who’s familiar with Winnie the Pooh knows, they tend to have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Many species won’t think twice about climbing a tree in search of some honey, but plenty of bears have also gotten their fix thanks to some items intended for human consumption, including one that made its way through 69 cans of soda after gaining access to a Jeep and another that had an absolute field day in a cookie shop in Lake Tahoe.

Now, another bakery has fallen victim to a similar incident thanks to what recently unfolded in Connecticut.

According to WTNH, employees at Taste by Spellbound in Avon got quite a surprise earlier this week after coming across a bear that made its way into the garage of the business where it repeatedly pulled out boxes of the cupcakes it chowed down on in the parking lot.

The bakery also shared a photo of the aftermath on Instagram in a post where it said the bear in question “destroyed 60 cupcakes and a bunch of coconut cake” before it was successfully shooed away (the workers who encountered it were understandably startled, but no one was physically harmed).

This is actually the second bear-related cupcake incident to unfold in the state in less than a year, as another one was filmed helping itself to a spread that was laid out for a two-year-old’s birthday party in September of 2022.

I can’t say I blame them.

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