Professional Beard Model Shaves His Face For The First Time In 10 Years And His Wife’s Reaction Tells The Story

beard model 10 year shave

YouTube / Beardbrand Alliance

How’s your self-isolation beard going? Is it still in full effect or did you shave it off the minute warmer weather came rolling in?

For some men, an epic beard was standard procedure prior to lockdown.

Take Carlos Costa, a professional beard model. Yes, I also just learned that a profession.

Costa decided the time had come to shave off his money-maker and gives a couple of reasons.

“It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen my face, and my face has changed,” he says at the beginning of the video. “I’m 40 years old now, so I’ve aged, and I want to see how I look without a beard.”

Costa could have also come clean and said “it also makes for great content on a YouTube channel about beards.” Costa is an ambassador for Beardbrand Alliance.

Costa shaved off his amazing facial hair and the results were, well, he looks like a completely different guy and could now get work as a Sacha Baron Cohen stand-in.

After slowly trimming off the beard with clippers, and then taking a razor to his face for the first time in a decade, the beard model seems to be handling the transition to clean-shaven in stride.

“Wow,” he exclaims. “I don’t remember myself like this. Goodness me.”

His wife on the other hand, who’s never seen him without a beard, had a much different reaction.

“What the fuck?” she laughs, unable to really look at Costa’s new mug. “Oh my god, I can’t look at you… it doesn’t look like you.”

Watch the entire transformation down below.

And here are some before and after shots from Costa’s Instagram account.


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