Bros Pull Most ‘Dudes Rock’ Move Ever After Train Derailment Drops Beer Into The Middle Of A River

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In recent weeks, you may well have seen plenty stories about a train that derailed in Eastern Ohio, leading to a hazardous chemical spill.

Not cool!

But we’re here to tell that sometimes train derailments can be a good thing!

Bear with me here for a second, fellas.

Over the weekend, a train left the tracks in Paradise, Montana. Thankfully, it appears that no one was injured. But it seems that the name “Paradise” may just have been the perfect town name for two resourceful guys who took the “dudes rock” mantra to heart after the spill.

One of the at-least 25 cars that derailed was carrying propane! That’s bad, especially if you’re Arlen’s number one propane and propane accessories salesman, Hank Hill.

What’s good, however, is what was in one of the other cars that derailed.

Two Heroes Prove Dudes Rock By Rescuing Beer Cases From River

According to CBS 17 in Missoula, Montana, one of the cars that came off the track was stocked with cases of beer.

“Quinn’s Hot Springs reported the derailment happened near cabins they own. KPAX-TV reported about 25 train cars were involved in the derailment in western Montana. Video showed the spilled beer included Coors and Blue Moon,” the station reported.

Now, a normal man would say to himself “wow, what a tragic waste of some good beer.”

But two absolute heroes with a boat, paddles, and a little bit of bravery decided otherwise. Ben Smith of The Missoulian captured the photo of the year showing a pair of men rowing their boat up to the pile of beer in the river and seemingly loading cases into the boat.

That’s how you make the best out of a bad situation.

The two men were not identified. But apparently this has happened before!

I’m not saying you should move to Paradise, Montana. But I am saying that there’s a statistically good chance you end up with a bunch of free beer if you do.