These Are The Cheapest Days To Fly In Every Month Of 2018 According To Insider Experts

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Everyone wants to feel like they are getting a deal when they’re traveling. Well, almost everyone. The fortunate souls who own private jets and travel in luxury DGAF about saving a few bucks like the rest of us. But for those who aren’t in the 1% we want to, at the very least, feel like we’re getting the best possible fare when booking a flight.

A popular trick for booking flights is using an Incognito Browser when looking for flights because the cookies won’t track you as you visit multiple travel booking websites who share cookies with each other to drive the prices up on flights as you repeatedly look at them.

Another popular trick (for international flights) is to use the version of Kayak or Cheap Flights that are used in the foreign country that you’re flying to because you’ll sometimes see cheaper fares only shown to locals. Beyond those tricks, people think that booking on Tuesday is the cheapest day to book flights. This might’ve been true at one point in time but it’s not anymore. Furthermore, January IS the cheapest month of the year to book flights.

So how do you score the best possible deal when traveling? Well, you try and travel on the dates when nobody else is traveling because the airline ticketing prices are all drive by supply and demand.

The website Mic compiled a vast amount of data from Kayak to determine the cheapest day each month of 2018 to travel for both Domestic and International flights. So, if you want to save money while traveling this year then be sure to book your flight on the dates below:

Domestic: Jan. 31
International: Jan. 19
Domestic: Feb. 7
International: Feb. 3, 21
Domestic: March 7
International: March 19
Domestic: April 29
International: April 27
Domestic: May 2
International: May 4
Domestic: June 3
International: June 2
Domestic: July 4, 18
International: July 31
Domestic: Aug. 29
International: Aug. 21
Domestic: Sept. 26
International: Sept. 25
Domestic: Oct. 31
International: Oct. 29
Domestic: Nov. 30
International: Nov. 11
Domestic: Dec. 10
International: Dec. 2 (via)

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