People Shared Their Most Outrageous Christmas Traditions With The Hashtag #MyDumbTradition

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Every family has its quirks, right? We don’t usually air out our dirty laundry in public but thanks to social media (mainly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) we’ve all been gifted a magic looking glass to peer inside and see the asinine Christmas and holiday traditions of our friends.

I can’t think of any prime examples of what makes my family so damn weird around the holidays other than some of the weirdly traditional food dishes they prepare, things that only exist in 1940s cookbooks. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it we do an extended family-wide ‘grab bag’ where every family wraps a few small gifts and we put them into a black trash bag and we go around in circles and everyone picks a gift until the bag is empty. Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, the only reason we do this grab bag is that at some point in the 90s one of my relatives was gifted a weird doll called ‘The Happy Camper’ and they hated that doll so much they demanded we do the grab bag the following year so they could re-gift it. And my parents/aunts/uncles have kept this tradition going for decades now simply so they could get rid of The Happy Camper each year instead of just tossing that shit in the trash.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he read off some of the best tweets using the #MyDumbTradition hashtag to show that your family isn’t alone in creating weird holiday experiences:

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