People Shared Their Best ‘My Family Is Weird’ Stories And It’s Great To Know My Family Aren’t The Only Psychos

best of my family is weird tweets

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Every family is weird and most people learn this in stages. As we age and come into contact with new people it becomes abundantly clear that our family’s strangeness is not unique.

Thanks to the beauty of social networking we are more connected than ever as a society. It used to be that when we were really young all we knew was our parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Then you’d hit the age where you started playing sports and having sleepovers at friends houses and were first introduced to other family’s bizarre routines.

Things get *really* weird once you get engaged/married and you make someone else’s family your own and truly find out how weird people are. When that family lets you into their inner fold, that’s when you realize that people, in general, are f*cking bizarre.

For his latest trending hashtag, Jimmy Fallon sent out a tweet asking people to share their weirdest family stories using the hashtag #MyFamilyIsWeird and the responses were nothing short of spectacular (also, find me on Twitter at @casspa). He compiled them into a video last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon but I know that a lot of you would rather scroll through tweets than watch a video so I’ve included both.

For anyone who would rather scroll through tweets than watch a video, here you go. Also, this grandpa sounds like a genius.

I guess I’m weird because I don’t think this is all that strange. If you want them to look realistic why not just use real dirt?

People pray after meals? Wait, people in America still pray before meals too???

This dad sounds like he appreciates a good pair of jorts and a crispy Bud Light.

This is infinitely weirder than couples who share toothbrushes and that’s already one of the strangest habits any couple can engage in.

Dad’s not trying to leave any money on the table.

I’d easily adapt this tradition into my own family.

I’ve never seen a 70-year-old person get into a fight. What would this even look like?

Sounds like a group of serial killers to me.

Isn’t this what you’re supposed to do with electric scooters? I had to ride one in H.S. for 6 months after I tore my meniscus and underwent surgery. I’m pretty sure this was my go-to move.

Anyway, you can check out more of these tweets by following the #MyFamilyIsWeird hashtag on Twitter. You can also find me on Twitter at @casspa!