People On Twitter Shared Their Embarrassing Stories Of Losing Bets And Some Of These Are Priceless

by 11 months ago
best of I Lost A Bet tweets

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Something that absolutely astonishes me is the fact that Jimmy Fallon has 51.1 MILLION followers on Twitter. He’s funny, sure, but you can see him on TV every night. It’s not like he’s sitting around all day tweeting the best jokes you’ve ever read. At the same time, it’s not as if he’s like me, @casspa on Twitter, constantly tweeting about the Tampa Bay Lightning in the Stanley Cup Playoffs and losing about 50 followers every game.

With Jimmy Fallon’s tens of millions of Twitter followers comes the ability to get hashtags trending in an instant. It’s a regular bit he runs where he’ll tweet to his 51+ million followers and ask them to share their story/experience using a particular hashtag. This time around he’s chosen #ILostABet where people share their funny, sad, or embarrassingly hilarious stories about losing bets. Some of these are so-so but some of these tweets are priceless:

Here are some direct tweets just in case you’re the type of person who’d rather read tweets than watch a video:

Bros, it is NEVER a good idea to bet when tattoos are on the line. That shit’s permanent:

If you’ve got any great #ILostABet stories you can tweet them at me at @casspa and if they’re good I might share them in a future article.

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