People Shared Their Favorite Stoner Stories In Honor Of 4/20 And These Are Priceless

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Fallon / YouTube / Twitter

Today is the 4/20 eve and that means tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for the Weed/Cannabis/Marijuana industry. 4/20 is the biggest (and only) unofficial Stoner Holiday of the year. It takes the partying levels of St. Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, and New Year’s Eve and rolls them all up into one day of complete stoner debauchery.

From time to time, Jimmy Fallon will take to Twitter and ask his 51 MILLION followers and ask them to share their best stories using a hashtag of his choosing. Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon he shared the best #StonerStories in honor of 4/20:

I honestly don’t even know where to begin with my best/worst/most embarrassing/funniest stoner story. I’ve never been what you’d classify as a stereotypical stoner but I’ve certainly had my fair share of mishaps and shenanigans. Like the time I ripped a gravity bong after staying awake for 48 hours straight during Finals Week and the last time I remember was saying ‘my ears are ringing’ before waking up to my girlfriend at the time hovering over me asking my friends ‘should I cook him a steak?!’ The answer to that question is yes, if you’re ever questioning whether or not you should cook someone a steak the answer is always yes.