The Best Time Of Day To Drink Coffee According To Science

by 4 months ago
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When is the best time of the day to drink coffee? The correct answer isn’t “When I wake up” or “Always.” Sorry in advance to the “I can’t function without having my coffee first thing in the morning” people, but science has chimed in and said drinking coffee when you first wake up may actually cause your body to develop a tolerance to the stimulant.

To maximize the benefits of coffee, there is a certain time of the day when you should drink coffee. Steven Miller, a neuroscientist in Bethesda, Maryland, carried out a study to find out the best part of the day to indulge in coffee. He studied the circadian clock, which is the 24-hour hormonal cycle that people run on and that changes physiology and behavior. Sunlight has a major effect on a human’s internal clock and the body releases a hormone called cortisol to make people feel awake and enhance alertness.


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