Cyclist Catches Bike Thieves Trying To Jack His Ride So He Handles The Situation Real Quick

Bike thieves have to be some of the worst people on the planet. Not only are they stealing people’s bikes which cost lots of money, but they’re stealing modes of transportation, work tools, favorite hobbies, passions projects, and sometimes family heirlooms. Stealing a bike is fucked up no matter how you break it down.

Here’s the description from the Facebook video:

How quick can a bike be robbed?? Less than 17 seconds based on this video. One of our head mechanics was very lucky to get away with about €200 worth of damage rather than losing his carbon racing bike. This happened in Clontarf over the weekend and we would like to urge all bike owners to lock their bikes at all times even if you are just leaving it for under a minute.

Lock. Up. Your Valuables. Because. People. Are. Awful.

The person in this video could be a commuter, a casual cyclist, a delivery person of some sort, or they could just own what appears to be a badass bike…My point is, it could’ve been anybody (even though we know they were a bike mechanic). Whatever the case is, this guy was only indoors for a matter of seconds when he caught the pair riding by stealing his bicycle. Instead of staying inside and calling the police he charged out into the street and took his bike back. He then wheeled his cycle away and out of traffic, where I assume he called the cops to report the two thieves in the area. All’s well that ends well, right? (h/t DIGG Video)

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