Bill Skarsgård’s Maniacal Pennywise Smile From The Movie ‘IT’ Is Creepy AF In Real Life Too

Bill Skarsgard Pennywise smile it movie

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Bill Skarsgård, 27, who plays the sadistic clown Pennywise in the new Stephen King movie IT, comes from a family of actors. His dad, Stellan Skarsgård, has recently appeared in several Marvel movies including Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, and Avengers: Age of Ultron. While his older brother Alexander has starred in several other recent films like The Legend of Tarzan and Zoolander 2, but is probably best known for portraying vampire Eric Northman on True Blood.

His other brothers Gustaf and Valter Skarsgård are also actors. So acting is just something that is in Bill Skarsgård’s blood. (Sorry.) In fact, if you happened to see Charlize Theron’s latest flick Atomic Blonde you would also have seen Skarsgård playing the character of Merkel.

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Little did many of us know at the time that this was the same guy who would be making us crap our pants as the evil Pennywise in IT. However, as it turns out, Skarsgård has really been preparing for the role for years. He just didn’t know it.

As he explained to Conan O’Brien on his show Tuesday night, Skarsgård’s now infamous Pennywise smile was something he developed as a child around the age of 10. He explained that his brother Gustaf would “point his lip in a strange way” and so he decided to copy it, as brothers will do. He then would make the face, pull his t-shirt over his head and proceed to terrify his little brother, also as brothers will do.

Check this out…

Bill Skarsgard Pennywise smile it movie conan

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Now I think I am as scared of Bill Skarsgård as I am of that damn clown he plays.

bill skarsgard creepy smile

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Someone please make him stop.

Watch the full story and all the creepiness unfold on Conan below…

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