Thinking Of Binge-Watching A New Show? BingeClock Breaks Down How Long It Will Take

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I’m behind on basically the last ten years of must-see television. I haven’t seen one single second of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, Veep and besides one random Game of Thrones recap, I haven’t seen any of that show either.

I want to watch all of those shows but I’m not even sure I’ve got time to binge watch them all. Thankfully, BingeClock has the answer to all my questions, mostly “do I really got time for this shit?”

BingeClock breaks down exactly how much time it takes to watch every episode of any TV show. It will even keep track of the TV shows you complete. Let’s use all those shows I mentioned earlier as examples. If I were to start binge-watching those shows today it would take…

  • 2 days 15 hours 29.52 minutes to binge watch all of Game of Thrones
  • 2 days 14 hours to binge watch all of Breaking Bad
  • 1 day 5 hours to catch up on Veep
  • 4 days and 16 hours to watch all of The Walking Dead

These numbers are calculated by skipping intros and credits. So a little over two weeks to devour them all. Ehhh.

BingeClock does a bunch of other stuff besides number crunching. It helps users discover fan sites and other web pages about TV shows, makes binge-watching suggestions based on the shows you’re already watching and even has a BingeAlarm that reminds people when new episodes are coming up. It’s basically a best friend that addicted to TV.

[via Laughing Squid]

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