Massive ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ Rally Is A Reminder That All Birds Were Replaced By Drones And People Are Crazy

  • The ‘Birds Aren’t Real’ movement is built on the idea that the United States government killed all the birds in the USA and replaced them with surveillance drones
  • The counter culture movement was created to poke fun at the asinine conspiracy theories that people believe after reading them on the Internet
  • There was a huge Birds Aren’t Real rally held in Springfield, Missouri and the B.A.R. merch is actually kind of amazing
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The Birds Aren’t Real has been one of my favorite things on the Internet for years. Not ‘favorite’ enough for me to actually show up at a rally and march with these people but the mere concept hits me right in the funny bone.

If you aren’t familiar with Birds Aren’t Real movement the premise is simple. They say the United States government killed birds in the USA and replaced them with surveillance drones. And in order to disprove the validity of this, you would have to literally kill every single bird in the US. Otherwise, we can always point to that bird on the horizon and say you don’t know that’s a drone because you didn’t look inside of it.

Birds Aren’t Real is an elaborate joke to make fun of various movements who go all-in on conspiracy theories. I won’t name any of them by name but you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out who they’re making fun of.

Now the Birds Aren’t Real movement is getting out there in the real world and holding rallies. They held a big one in Springfield, Missouri. Here’s the footage via YouTube and Instagram:


This is all part of a Birds Aren’t Real documentary that is being filmed this Summer. That was recently announced on their social channels and I cannot wait to see the finished product.

I spent a little time looking around the Birds Aren’t Real website and their merch is actually pretty fire. I might have to purchase the ‘Drone Field Guide Shirt’ and wear it around my neighborhood while walking the dog and see if any neighbors ever notice.

It’s possible that the Birds Aren’t Real movement is coming to your hometown this Summer. Be on the lookout if you’re a believer.