This Is What It Would Sound Like If Blink-182 Wrote ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ And It’s Also The Only Thing I’m Listening To Today

We’re back for another 5-day grind but this week’s going to be different. We’ve got back-to-back Monday Night Football games to start the week followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning beating the New York Islanders on Tuesday and punching their ticket to the Stanley Cup Finals after their disastrous playoffs appearance last season. This week is also chock full of NBA Playoffs, the MLB season inching toward the playoffs, Premier League soccer is back.

Life is good if you’re a sports fan and sports is a damn good distraction from the world these days.

I say this because with everything that’s happened this year and continues to perch over us like a dark cloud I’ve been looking for distractions anywhere I can find them. This morning I’ve found this clip of YouTuber Alex Melton performing Third Eye Blind’s ‘Semi-Charmed Life’ in the style of Blink-182 and it’s all I’m listening to today.

You know this song by heart even if it’s never made it on a playlist of yours and you also know Blink-182’s music style better than you realize. This dude flipped the script and the finished product is spectacular.

Just go ahead and play that on loop all day. You know you want to. You can also subscribe to Alex Melton’s YouTube channel for more videos like that one. He has a lot of Punk-Country-Pop crossover covers already up on his channel for you to check out.

Here’s another one before you go, a Country Music cover of Blink-182’s ‘I Miss You (I Miss Y’all)’. Enjoy:

Make sure to go subscribe to his channel if you’re feeling this music!