Blood-Covered Pilot Captures Gruesome Aftermath Of Bird Crashing Into Cockpit In Viral Video

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Most people will never have to grapple with the various dangers pilots run the risk of encountering whenever they hop into the cockpit of an airplane, and there are plenty of issues that can rear their ugly heads once they take off.

If you’re familiar with what is known as “The Miracle on the Hudson,” you’re likely very aware that flocks of birds can cause things to go south in the blink of an eye if they get a bit too up close and personal with an aircraft.

Thankfully, veteran pilot Sully Sullenberger was able to expertly guide the massive Airbus he was helming for a soft landing on the river bordering the west side of Manhattan before every single crew member and passenger aboard was successfully evacuated.

Now, it would be a bit of a stretch to compare that to what recently unfolded in Ecuador, although it’s easy to understand why a pilot who ended up in a similar situation went viral after viewing the video he captured inside the cockpit.

According to LBC, pilot Ariel Valiente was flying a crop-dusting plane at around 10,000 feet over the city of Vinces when he encountered an unexpected and unwelcome visitor in the form of a large bird that crashed through the windshield of the cockpit and remain lodged there after impact.

Valiente seemed relatively unfazed in the graphic video that shows him (and the plane’s interior) covered in blood thanks to the dead bird (possibly a condor) with legs that dangled just above the control stick in the wake of the incident.

Unlike the aforementioned incident in NYC, Valiente’s plane was still able to fly under its own power following the crash, and he was reportedly able to land safely and avoid any serious injuries.

Of course, it obviously goes without saying the same can not be said for the bird that caused the situation to unfold in the first place.

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