Rapper Blueface Slammed Online For ‘Humiliating’ People By Throwing Cash At Homeless

Rapper Blueface criticized for giving money to people on Los Angeles Skid Row on Christmas Eve.

Getty Image / Stephen Maturen / Stringer

Tis the season of giving and rapper Blueface gave money to some people in need on Monday. However, this is 2019, so that means that even when someone is giving charity, they will be criticized online.

On Monday, Blueface went to Skid Row in downtown L.A., climbed to the top of an SUV, and started throwing bills at the crowd in the street. The prospect of free cash brought a horde of people scooping up the bills from the road. There were reports that Blueface dished out $50,000 to the less fortunate, an amazing gesture of kindness no matter how he distributed it.

The optics on this aren’t exactly optimal. The scene comes off like Blueface thinks of himself as a medieval king throwing money at peasants. However, he is giving money to people in dire need. There are far more humiliating things people have done for money. I mean, Robert De Niro appeared in Dirty Grandpa.

On social media, the online mob decided to be judge and jury by castigating the 22-year-old Thotiana rapper. Many rap fans on Twitter said the manner of Blueface’s charity was “humiliating” to the people, some of which were homeless.

There were also plenty of hip-hop fans who supported Blueface.

In the end, Blueface is giving more in charity than the people attacking him online for his generous benevolence (But it also wasn’t a good look in the fashion he did it). Unless he knew this was going to spark outrage and wanted the publicity for his goodwill.