WWE Star And Former MMA Fighter Bobby Lashley Shares His Secrets To Killing It At Any Age

Bobby Lashley Workout Tips

AMER HILABI/AFP via Getty Images

Bobby Lashley is 44 years old and looks almost the same physically as he did when he broke into the wrestling business over 15 years ago.

The 6’3″, 275lb Lashley is the current WWE United States Heavyweight champion and looks like a walking slab of concrete.

Lashley has dominated every sport he’s tried – including amateur and professional wrestling and mixed martial arts – and the CEO of the “Hurt Business” is still a self-proclaimed “maniac” in the gym.

Muscle & Fitness sat down with Lashley to discuss his seven rules for staying on top in the gym and in life.

Lashley first tip involves recovery. Especially for guys who aren’t young bucks anymore. Lashley has learned the importance of rest and recuperation.

“One thing that has changed is my focus on recovery,” Lashley told M&F. “I make sure that my body is optimum. I actually had a massage today; I saw my chiropractor. For somebody like myself, who is maybe a little bit of an older athlete, it is important to pay attention to recovery. I maybe work out harder than ever, but I increase the recovery… but I’m still a maniac in the gym.”

Routine is also a crucial component to winning the day.

“I start every day by making my bed, I listen to some of my motivational audiobooks, and I go to the park every morning, before my kids get up, five o’clock in the morning. It sets my day up. I’m on top of the world.”

As far as working out goes, Lashley is all business in the gym.

You don’t get to look like Lashley by taking selfies or staring for long periods of time into the mirror. Lashley has often referred to the gym as his ‘church’ and he loves nothing better than an intense session that leaves his body exhausted and drenched in sweat. This wrestling icon is not interested in what the guy next to him is doing, because he’s too busy competing with himself.

“When I get into the gym, I’m not one of those guys that has to have a nice new outfit on. I’m there to work my body and I train,” says Lashley. “You know when I’m in the gym, I love it, I love kicking my own ass. Just get after it!”

When it comes to eating, Lashley prefers to follow a “lifestyle” and not a specific diet.

“I keep it very simple. I never get tied to a diet, because I have to live me life. I think a lot of people get stuck on diet plans and I don’t want to get stuck with that for the rest of my life,’” says Lashley.




Finally, Lashley believes it’s crucial people surround themselves with likeminded people.

“To demand respect, you have to earn respect. That’s what the Hurt Business is all about. We’ve been in the wrestling business a long time and we all share the same frame of mind, so while we have common interests, we are also out there bringing something new to the wrestling business,” explains Lashley.

Whether it’s in the gym, or at home or work, Lashley thinks the people in your inner circle can make or break a person.

To read all of Lashley’s advice, head over to Muscle & Fitness.

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