Two-Time World Cup Champ Brandi Chastain Comments On The Comically Awful Plaque Of Her Face

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Brandi Chastain plaque

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The biggest news in the Sports world yesterday was the absolutely horrendous plaque of two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and two-time World Cup winner Brandi Chastain‘s face at the San Francisco Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame. People have described the plaque as looking like Gary Busey, Babe Ruth, Jon Voight, and a thousand other people who are not Brandi Chastain.

Brandi Chastain is amongst the most successful soccer players on the planet. She entered the history books forever after scoring a game-winning penalty against China in the 1999 World Cup Final where she was photographed ripping her jersey off afterward and celebrating, one of the most iconic photographs in soccer history. Even if you’re not a soccer fan you’ve probably seen the picture of that celebration and know what Brandi Chastain looks like.

After the Sports world made Brandi’s comically horrific plaque its #1 news story yesterday she went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk about it (video below). She seems to take yesterday’s news cycle in stride, and for what it’s worth, the Hall of Fame has already said they’ll be sculpting a new plaque of Brandi after the outcry over the first:

If you haven’t seen the plaque yet, here’s my tweet from yesterday that was picked up by Twitter Moments and has around 50 responses from people all suggesting people that the plaque looks like and none of them are Brandi Chastain.

For more on yesterday’s story, you can check out this article for reactions to this plaque that’s so bad it made world news.

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