The Gang Leader Who Nearly Escaped Prison By Dressing As His Teen Daughter Was Found Dead In His Cell

On Monday we brought you a report about a Brazilian gang leader and drug trafficker named Clauvino da Silva who attempted to escape from prison by putting on a rubber mask, black wig, glasses, a pair of jeans and a pink shirt belonging to his 19-year-old daughter Ana Gabriele Silva in an effort to pass himself off as her and make his getaway.

Oh yeah, his daughter, who was visiting him at the time, which is how he got the clothing, including a black bra, was planning on staying behind in the Gericinó Prison Complex in Rio de Janeiro while he escaped. Talk about dedication to family.

Unfortunately for da Silva, he was no El Chapo, because he was busted by guards before he could get out of the prison.

The guards ended up filming da Silva, nicknamed “Shorty” (“Baixinho” in Portuguese), removing his disguise, then sharing it with the rest of the world.

On Tuesday, the 42-year-old da Silva, who was serving a 73-year jail sentence and had been transported to a maximum security prison following his failed escape, was found dead in his prison cell, according to the Rio Times.

Three days after his failed escape, da Silva, a senior member of Comando Vermelho (Red Command), one of Brazil’s main crime groups, was found dead in his cell in a maximum-security prison. Officials said he appeared to have hanged himself with a bedsheet.

An investigation has been launched into his death.

Six years ago, da Silva did manage to escape from prison when he and 30 other prisoners managed to flee the Instituto Penal Vicente Piragibe by tunneling through the system before being apprehended and returned to prison.

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