El Chapo Back To SAME Prison He Escaped From, Got Caught Because He Was Making ‘Biographical Film’ About His Life

After six months on the lam, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman has been caught and is being sent to the Altiplano prison, the same maximum security prison from which he escaped. Yes, the SAME EXACT federal prison that the drug kingpin escaped by breezing out through a tunnel while riding a motorcycle in July. That was El Chapo’s second prison escape in 14 years. Perhaps Mexican authorities should consider locking up El Chapo in the same prison that Magneto was being held in.

Members of the Mexican navy raided a home in the coastal city of Los Mochis on Friday. The drug lord was then transported by an armored vehicle and transferred into a helicopter.

During the raid, the Mexican marines were welcomed with gunfire. During the shootout, Guzman and his security chief, Ivan “El Cholo”Gastelum, escaped through a manhole that led to the city’s sewer system. Soldiers chased him through the sewer tunnels, but he fled to the surface, where he stole a car. He almost escaped once again, but the military spotted the vehicle on a highway outside the city and captured him.

During the three-hour gun battle, five suspects died and six others were arrested. One navy personnel was injured.

The residence where the Sinaloa Cartel boss was captured had been under surveillance for a month, Attorney General Arely Gomez said.

It appears that the El Chapo’s hubris and narcissism caused his own capture. The cocky drug kingpin was planning on making a ‘biographical film’ about his own life. Guzman’s associates had contacted producers and actresses with the intention of making Guzman’s biopic, which helped investigators locate him, Attorney General Arely Gomez stated.

“He established communication with actresses and producers, which became a new line of investigation,” Gomez said.

She did not provide specifics on how the calls led to his arrest.

El Chapo must have seen all that dinero that Star Wars: The Force Awakens is making and wanted to create his own cinematic cash cow.

Can we talk about the decor of El Chapo’s humble abode for a minute?

Was El Chapo hiding out in a frat house from 1989? Posters of topless chicks on the walls and easily accessible beer?

Guess this is the last time we can play this delightful ditty, until El Chapo escapes from prison again in nine months.

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