The Brilliantly Dumb Show Ep. 36: Jimmy Tatro & Christian A. Pierce, Behind The Scenes With The Real Bros of Simi Valley

brilliantly dumb show jimmy tatro

It was a pretty relaxed setting at Facebook HQ 10 minutes before the arrival of YouTube star turned TV star Jimmy Tatro and Christian A. Pierce of the Real Bros of Simi Valley arrived. There were a good five cameras in my face, with spotlights beaming down on my 26-year-old receding hairline as I waited for these two characters to arrive. Tatro walks in with a can of iced espresso, throws it down the hatch and goes “okay let’s do this.” The mood was instantly set for what would be a wildly entertaining interview.

Rather than ask about the 50 questions I had for Jimmy and Christian about the show, I decided to start the interview with a question for Jimmy about Martini Mondays at our favorite Italian restaurant Dan Tanas in LA. Quality banter ensues as I then geared up to talk about the highly anticipated release of Season 3 of the Real Bros of Semi Valley that airs Friday.

The guys go into detail on what the day to day filming was like behind the scenes. Both actors feel that the enjoyable thing about this season is that the characters of the show have been developed and people know what they can expect out of each character. Maybe it’s the years of endless writing and growing up together, but the connection between the two co-stars is about as apparent and obvious as you could imagine.

It’s an action-packed episode No. 36 of The Brilliantly Dumb Show that is closed out with some Q & A for Jimmy and Christian from the fans of the show. Be sure and tune in to Facebook Watch to catch The Real Bros of Simi Valley Season 3 on Friday.

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