Bobby Fairways And The Boys Indulge In Some Twilight Round Action

bobby fairways brilliantly dumb show


In case you are new to how we do things in the vlog world on The Brilliantly Dumb Show, let me fill you in. My good friend and I out here in Los Angeles like to get after it early and often on the golf course. The boys are always buzzing and the drinks are always flowing. Which led us to the idea of always making sure there is a camera running at all times while we are on the course.

Ever since then, we have been capturing just about every swing, every missed putt, every drive into the other fairway, and so forth. It has been one hell of a ride and we absolutely love to pump these vlogs out. On this week’s vlog we took on Brookside Golf Course in California which happens to sit right next to the Rose Bowl. This leads to a beautiful backdrop if you happen to find yourself way off the fairway on the 9th hole, which we usually do. We did what we do best, eat, drink, and play golf in this episode.


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